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Doychin Karshovski, the founder of Doych Zone.


You are at Doych Zone, where cutting-edge science and technology meet the art of holistic living.

Pioneered by wellness multipreneur Doychin Karshovski, our borderless team embraces a Massively Transformative Purpose

Empowering Lives Through Tactics for Longevity, Health, and Happiness

Our approach to wellness covers key elements: mindful breathing, sleep optimization, holistic nutrition, vital movements, and cultivating mindfulness.  

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we empower organizations to cultivate thriving wellness cultures

Through our mastermind groups, we collaborate to design comprehensive wellness programs, manage stress, and mitigate burnout.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and the principles of exponential organizations, we create interactive workshops, insightful seminars, and innovative gamification strategies. From reducing alcohol and tobacco use to fostering healthier social connections, we address a wide array of wellness challenges.

Choosing DoychZone means choosing an interdisciplinary approach that synergizes cutting-edge tech and science with time-tested wellness wisdom. It means unlocking the potential of biohacking human behaviors to enhance your wellness and transform your life.

No matter where you are, our globally integrated team ensures uncompromised service quality, passionately committed to empowering your journey toward an extraordinary life. Together, let’s breathe, nourish, move, sleep, and live mindfully.

Welcome to DoychZone

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1-On-1 Coaching Sessions

Unleash your potential with our personalized One-on-One Coaching Sessions, tailored to guide you towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Wellness Mastermind Groups

Join our empowering Wellness Mastermind Groups for a six-week transformation, where we explore wellness strategies together and provide exclusive materials for your journey

Flow Mastermind Sessions

Experience a state of optimal performance with our four-week Flow Mastermind Sessions, unlocking your potential through guided group and private sessions

ExO (Exponential Organizations) Mastermind

Accelerate your organization’s growth with our ExO Mastermind, a two-week intensive course designed for collaboration, innovation, and leadership development

DNA Wellness Coaching

Discover the secret to your well-being with our DNA Wellness Coaching, offering multiple tiers for a personalized genetic insight into your health and lifestyle

Burnout Recovery & Prevention Program

Protect your most valuable asset – your employees – with our comprehensive Burnout Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Prevention service, using cutting-edge technology and personal approaches

Hybrid Coaching Program (B2B Service)

Innovate and invigorate your organization with our Hybrid Coaching service, combining live coaching with cutting-edge technology to ensure a holistic improvement in wellness and productivity

Revitalizing Employee Retreats & Customized Vacation Planning

Revitalize your employees with our Vacation Design and Retreat Planning, focusing on optimal recovery through carefully crafted experiences that rejuvenate the mind and body

Tailored Corporate Wellness Workshops​

Enhance your team’s well-being with our Corporate Wellness Workshops, customizable sessions that tackle stress management, nutrition, general wellness, and more.

Introducing Temeli by DoychZone

Your Go-To Guide for Health Fundamentals

Dive deep into the core essentials of well-being with Temeli, the newest podcast venture from DoychZone. Each episode zeroes in on actionable strategies, cutting-edge biohacks, and proven methods to elevate your health and supercharge your performance.

Introducing Temeli by DoychZone

Your Go-To Guide for Health Fundamentals

Dive deep into the core essentials of well-being with Temeli, the newest podcast venture from DoychZone. Each episode zeroes in on actionable strategies, cutting-edge biohacks, and proven methods to elevate your health and supercharge your performance.

Most Popular Episodes


Invest in Health

Revised and updated edition of “401 Fitness – How to save fitness for your retirement”


Unleash the Power of Action for Wellness, Performance, and Longevity
Introducing ‘iBreathe,’ the first book in a transformative series by Doychin Karshovski, the holistic wellness coach behind DoychZone. Kickstart your journey to a better life, focusing on actionable steps rather than mere knowledge.


Master the Art of Restorative Sleep for Health, Performance, and Longevity
Introducing ‘iSleep,’ the second volume in the life-changing series by Doychin Karshovski. Continuing from ‘iBreathe,’ this book deep-dives into the transformative power of sleep—a natural tool for health and rejuvenation we are born with but often overlook.

The cover of '401 Fitness'

401 Fitness

Building a Lifetime of Wellness for Longevity, Performance, and Well-Being
Discover ‘401 Fitness,’ the groundbreaking debut book by Doychin Karshovski. This pioneering guide introduces the innovative concept of “banking” fitness, not for immediate use, but as a long-term investment in your health, vitality, and longevity.



#1 New York Times BEST SELLER

A groundbreaking manifesto for a better, longer life that challenges conventional medical thinking about aging and reveals a new approach to preventing chronic disease and extending long-term health from a visionary physician and leading longevity expert.

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We’ve helped hundreds of people to live better

Photo of Margarita Nikolova

Margarita Nikolova

“Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me! Thanks to the team for the shared knowledge! Thanks for joining the Alumni Society! For me, the contact with so many aware people is essential and gives me great hopes for the future! I’m getting on with my homework!”

Photo of Poly

Polya Getova

“Thank you and the whole team for what you do. I am glad that I was a part of this adventure leading to a more fulfilling and aware life. I say adventure because it challenges you to turn to your inner resource, through the techniques and your well-chosen biohacks. And if you really commit to the challenge, it becomes an inner adventure. At least that’s my feeling. I am happy to become a member of our already alumni society!”

Photo of Radostina Richards

Radostina Richards

“The groups make me feel motivated and enriched. I am motivated by the fact that so many people have a similar concept to my healthy lifestyle and I am enriched with new knowledge and ideas. The groups are charged with fresh mood and positivity.”

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