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Empower Healthy Futures

– Mindful Breathing and Sleep Optimization

– Holistic Nutrition and Vital Movements

– Cultivating Mindfulness

Contest for the most creative photo

with any or all of the books in the series

“This book doesn’t matter”

Contest for the most creative photo

with any or all of the books in the series

“This book doesn’t matter”

Redefining Performance Coaching

Discover the perfect synergy of modern science and ancient wisdom

Elevate your Breathing, Nutrition, Fitness, and Sleep. Learn Mindfulness and conquer Stress Management. Your door to longevity and peak performance is just a click away



Explore holistic health through our Bulgarian books. Get a 20% discount on physical copies from Locus Publishing with promo code “DoychZone20,” or reach out for the digital version

Unleash the power of action for wellness, performance, and longevity by introducing ïBreathe”, the first book in a transformative series by Doychin

Master the art of restorative sleep for health, performance, and longevity by introducing ‘iSleep’, the second volume in the life-changing series by Doychin

Embrace a dynamic lifestyle for enhanced agility, mental clarity, and longevity. ‘IMove’ invites readers into a proactive realm where movement is not just physical exercise, but a form of joy and self-expression

This book equips you with strategic insights to enrich your health portfolio, ensuring that your investments in diet, exercise, and mental well-being deliver compounding returns for a lifetime of vitality

Embark on a journey to redefine your golden years with ‘Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity.’

Dr. Peter Attia offers a groundbreaking blueprint for extending your healthspan through actionable lifestyle changes in nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress management. 

Now available in Bulgarian with a foreword by Doychin Karshovski, this book is a beacon for those seeking to proactively enhance their lifespan with quality and vitality


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