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Transforming Personal Health with Precision and Expertise

DNA Based Coaching

Merging advanced genetic insights with tailored, personal guidance.

We turn your genetic data into practical wellness plans.

What Makes Us Unique

Personalized Human Coaching

We are humans working with humans. We offer continuous personalized support, guiding and helping you make informed health decisions. 

Continuous Support and Education

We offer up-to-date education and support, adjusting your personalized wellness plan with new scientific insights and changing circumstances.

Empowering Health and Wellness Experts

We extend our expertise beyond individual coaching by training health and wellness professionals in utilizing our DNA coaching platform. This initiative enables practitioners to enhance their services with genetics-based insights, offering a deeper level of personalization to their clients. 

Your DNA Based Coaching Journey


Get practical, personal advice and optimize your own/family health with DNA-based Wellness Coaching.


If you’re a practitioner eager to integrate cutting-edge DNA knowledge into your practice, we invite you to join our growing community.

Special Invitation to Those with Existing DNA Data

Unlock Further Insights:

If you’ve already taken a DNA test and are wondering how to make the most of your results? Our expertise in translating raw DNA data into meaningful, personalized wellness strategies can help you take your health to the next level.

Exclusive Discounts Available:

We offer significant discounts to individuals who have pre-existing DNA test results. 

Accepted DNA Providers

We Accept DNA Data files from the following Major Providers

Why DNA Based Coaching

Actionable, Personalized Strategies

Our coaching goes beyond generic insights, offering tailored advice that incorporates your lifestyle, goals, and now, your unique genetic makeup.

Expert Guidance and Empowerment

With our dedicated team’s support, you’re not just following a plan; you’re understanding and choosing it, empowered by knowledge and continuous guidance.

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