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DNA Wellness Coaching

Embark on a path of self-discovery

Leveraging insights from your genetic makeup, our expert coaches
will craft a wellness plan that resonates with your unique biological blueprint.


Every individual plan consists of an initial cost for testing and 150+ DNA results analysis.

The monthly subscription kicks after 30 days of registering the lab results in our DNA portal (usually 2 – 5 weeks after sending the DNA sample)

The monthly subscription tiers are designed to provide continuous support, education, and coaching based on new scientific data and insights related to your personal DNA results.

The StandBy mode is available for every individual plan (per written request) after the first 60 days of the account opening.

*StandBy Mode ($15 monthly)

  • Monthly DNA insights
  • Priority access to our Group DNA Coaching
  • Discounts for Pay as You go personal coaching per request

*StandBy mode – Available after month 3 of every plan

Monthly pay-as-you-go DNA reports.

In the Family and Corporate plans, additional discounts are available for members added after the initial sign-up.

This approach allows us to incorporate DNA services seamlessly into our holistic coaching model, aligning well with our mission to transform personal and organizational performance.

Individual Plans

DNA Starter

$500 initial

$49/month thereafter

Initial DNA testing

Discover your results for 150+ fitness and health DNA reports, each delivered with personal insights

Genetic Workout&Nutrition Plans based on your lifestyle and time availability

One personalized DNA coaching session

Monthly insights and updates

Pay-as-you-go for advanced DNA reports

No payment method connected. Contact seller.

DNA Gold

$500 initial

$99/month thereafter

All Tier 1 services

Monthly Personal Priority Report – Continually refine your fitness and health with monthly report releases at no additional charge.

Priority wellness & longevity plans & Insights

Personal Targeted Recommendations – optimize your workouts, nutrition and lifestyle with easy-to-follow recommendations



No payment method connected. Contact seller.

DNA Platinum

$500 initial


All Tier 2 services

Priority access to the latest DNA features, insights and reports

Priority access to consult DoychZone’s extended network of DNA-leading experts and health specialists





No payment method connected. Contact seller.

Family Plan

DNA Starter

$500 initial for the first family member, $475 for each additional family member

One shared family membership fee of $89/monthEach family member gets initial DNA testing and one coaching session

Access to pay-as-you-go advanced DNA insights and reports

No payment method connected. Contact seller.

Corporate Plan

DNA Starter

$500 initial for each individual member

One shared membership fee of $299/month for every 20 members

Initial DNA testing and one personal DNA coaching session for every member

Monthly Group DNA Coaching – practical and specific easy-to-follow biohacking style recommendations to optimize workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle.Genetic Workout&Nutrition Plans based on lifestyle and time availability

Discounts for pay-as-you-go personal coaching per request.

No payment method connected. Contact seller.
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