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Meet the Trailblazers Behind DoychZone

Your Partners in Longevity, Health, and Happiness

At DoychZone, our mission is straightforward yet transformative: Empowering Lives Through Tactics for Longevity, Health, and Happiness. With a globally-distributed, location-independent team, we’re committed to offering unparalleled services in holistic wellness, personalized nutrition, and strategic coaching.

Strategy & Vision Team

Ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of the health and wellness sector. This team combines keen business insights with a passionate commitment to holistic wellness, covering everything from finance and operations to digital strategy. We’re not just another wellness company; we’re an aspiring ExO company of the future, always aiming ahead of our time to anticipate unmet needs in the realms of health, longevity, and well-being.

Doych isn't just our founder; he's the living embodiment of DoychZone's mission to empower lives through longevity, health, and happiness. As a Manifesting Generator, he's wired for multi-faceted success, converting intuition and enthusiasm into visionary strategies. Every day, he fuels the team's passion for holistic wellness, curating an ecosystem where innovation doesn't just survive; it thrives.

Doychin Karshovski

The Manifesting Generator & Visionary Founder: The Catalyst of Transformation

Ani is the go-getter we all wish we were. Forget boardroom jargon; she's in the trenches making sure our wellness dreams become your reality. Ani turns marketing mumbo jumbo into magic, all while rocking DNA-based coaching and Animal Flow like a pro.

Anilina Dimitrova

The Marketing Dynamo & Action Hero: She Makes Things Happen!

Our legal whiz with a boho twist defies the stereotype of a lawyer stuck in paperwork. With an artistic soul that dances through the fine print, she blends the world of legal intricacies with creative flair. In her hands, business strategy isn't just smart; it's a masterpiece. Mimi ensures that DoychZone not only operates within the lines but also colors outside them to bring our mission to vibrant life. Think of her as the guardian angel of DoychZone's business wellness journey.

Maria Danailova

The Artistic Legal Brain: Where Business Meets Bohemia

Say hello to Poli, our financial visionary with a wellness twist. She's got one eye on the money and the other on how to make the world a healthier place. Poli is all about investing in good vibes and great health.

polya getova

The Future Billionaire's Best Friend: Rolling in Wellness, not just Wealth

Certified Wellness Coaches & Holistic Practitioners

Our coaches and practitioners bring their own unique Human Design energies to offer personalized, DNA-based coaching, holistic life optimization, stress management, and individualized nutrition plans.

Ginka is a certified Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) practitioner. She has done extensive training with Dr. Nirala Jacobi ND, an internationally recognized leader in SIBO treatment. In her practice, Ginka uses first and foremost nutrition, but also lifestyle and movement recommendations, high-quality therapeutic supplements, herbs, and standard and functional testing in the best labs in Europe and the USA.

Ginka Kostova

Nutritional Therapist

Silvia’s expertise spans over a decade, encompassing practices such as yoga, sacred body architecture, dance, and laughter yoga. Her personal journey and holistic approach align with DoychZone's pillars of mindful breathing, sleep optimization, holistic nutrition, vital movements, and mindfulness.

Silvia Dimitrova

Wellness Coach

Nina Ray is an International Coach and Business Consultant with 16 years of experience. Certified by the European Coaching Federation, her expertise encompasses Performance Management, Team Building, and Talent Development.

n Executive Coaching, she focuses on leveraging managerial strengths for innovation and leadership, making her a valuable asset for both personal and professional growth.

Nina ray

Happiness Coach

It is a matter of personal choice what we do with our body and soul. If it is in the right way we have the chance to link them inextricably. The only important thing is to really ask for and take care of ourselves from the heart in order to breathe happily ❤️

Miglena Ivanova


Vesselin is not just another team member; he's a wellness and human design innovator who brought the Human Design system to Bulgaria in 2003. As a Manifesting Generator, he's the embodiment of transformative energy and holistic insight, making him an indispensable part of our journey toward empowering lives through wellness and longevity.

Vesselin Mihaylov

Transformative integral coach

Join the team

Empowering Lives Through Tactics for Longevity, Health, and Happiness. We’re on a mission to redefine the boundaries of wellness and help humanity achieve its fullest potential. 

What sets DoychZone apart is our unique, holistic approach to wellness. As part of our team, your expertise will be integrated into a comprehensive wellness service, offering a well-rounded and impactful experience to our clients. Your clients will benefit not only from your expertise but will gain access to the collective knowledge and experience of our entire team.

DoychZone embraces a longevity mindset, supported by the latest advancements in science and technology. We utilize tools like DNA analysis, biofeedback, fitness tracking, and AI-assisted subconscious behavior triggers, to help our clients develop resilient, health-promoting habits.

We also prioritize corporate wellness and performance coaching. As a member of our team, you’ll have access to training in, and using, our custom, trademarked programs like ‘Wellness Mastermind,’ ‘Flow Mastermind,’ ‘ExO Mastermind.’ 

Photo of our team

At DoychZone, we operate with a 100% location-independent, globally distributed team, ensuring that quality never takes a back seat, regardless of where our clients are situated. 

Join us on this thrilling odyssey at the confluence of health, technology, and wellness.

If our mission to ‘Empower Lives Through Tactics for Longevity, Health, and Happiness’ strikes a chord with you, and you’re passionate about making a transformative impact in the holistic wellness landscape,

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Aneta Nedyalkova


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