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iBreathe (Дишам)

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iBreathe (Дишам)

  • Introducing ‘iBreathe,’ the first book in a transformative series by Doychin Karshovski, the holistic wellness coach behind DoychZone. Kickstart your journey to a better life, focusing on actionable steps rather than mere knowledge. iBreathe: Unleash the Power of Action for Wellness, Performance, and Longevity Author: Doychin Karshovski Cover Design: Emil Markov Year Published: 2022
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The Marketing Dynamo & Action Hero:
She Makes Things Happen!

Ani is the go-getter we all wish we were. Forget boardroom jargon; she’s in the trenches making sure our wellness dreams become your reality. Ani turns marketing mumbo jumbo into magic, all while rocking DNA-based coaching and Animal Flow like a pro.