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Best for Motivated People

People who are motivated to make a positive change but need a little help, encouragement, and structure

6-weeks course

In this 6-weeks course every week we look at different health topics (Breathing, Sleep, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Movements, Emotional Health)

Invested Time

All exercises and assignments are designed to fit in 15-20 minutes. If you can’t set aside 15 minutes for yourself every day, this program is not for you

For people seeking

Holistic wellness beyond standard weight loss or muscle-building. For people seeking a safe zone focused on health and performance coaching.

What is Included

6 group sessions, 4 private consultations

Exclusive online community access

Books, audio, video materials, and remote group coaching

Why Trust Us

  • Limited places to ensure quality (10-15 persons)
  • In-depth interviews to ensure fit
  • Custom individual or group programs available on request
  • Money-back guarantee


The group meet once a week for about an hour. At these meetings, Doych introduces the topic for the week.

The meetings are recorded and the recordings are available for review.

The time between the meetings is for individuals and groups to work on assignments. Coaching is provided in a closed chat group and 1 on 1 consultations.

The private sessions provide the participants with an opportunity to focus on a specific problem or lifestyle situation. The meetings are highly valued by previous participants, who say that they got that so-called “Ahaa” moment when everything learned clicks into place.

Wellness Mastermind is a place where you not only have the support, motivation and understanding of other people like you, but you can also count on constant access to an expert to consult.

“My passion for wellness has evolved from a youthful curiosity to a profound professional dedication.

Working with adults across different life stages has offered invaluable insights into the diverse aspects of well-being.My interest in wellness sparked a deep dive into research, exploring themes like strength, endurance, and maintaining a vibrant lifestyle. This exploration led to the realization that wellness isn’t just about preventing decline; it’s about actively cultivating vitality at any age.

This understanding inspired the creation of the Mastermind project. Influenced by the business sector’s Mastermind Group concept, its aim is to build a community centered on actionable insights into health and performance. Wellness Mastermind is more than a project; it’s a manifestation of a lifelong mission to emphasize that wellness is a daily choice. A choice to gift yourself just 15 minutes every day.”

– Doych

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