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1-On-1 Coaching

Customized to your schedule and unique lifestyle

Why Trust Us: - Cutting-edge science and technology to track progress - Exclusive access to wellness products - Ongoing support and regular follow-ups - Social responsibility initiatives
Private Remote Coaching for Busy Professionals

Unlock the best version of yourself without compromising your career or lifestyle.

Enhance your journey with our exclusive add-on: DNA-Based Coaching for precision-guided insights.

Our one-on-one coaching focuses on:

Holistic Life Optimization: Transcend traditional wellness by harmonizing your physical, mental, and emotional states through evidence-based practices and personalized strategies.

Emotional Well-Being: Cultivate resilience and manage stress through proven emotional healing techniques.

Personalized Nutrition: Fuel your body and mind with a customized nutrition plan, complemented by DNA-based insights.

Goal-Oriented Fitness: Achieve your health objectives with a bespoke fitness regimen, enriched by DNA-based data.

Price: Starting at $250

What is Included?

Personalized coaching tailored to individual needs and goals

Integration with health-tracking apps

24/7 online support

Flexible scheduling and location options

Your one-on-one sessions can be with any coach or a combination of team-member coaches. As our founder Doych says, “With every one of us, you get all of us in your corner

We’re committed to authentic, personalized coaching—not hard sells.
Even if we’re not the perfect fit, we’re here to guide you toward the wellness and personal development solutions that are right for you.

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