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Elevate Your Event with Doych:
The Transformational Speaker

When you bring Doych on board, you’re not merely booking a speaker but an experience in transformative thinking. Through a fine blend of empirical research and real-world application, Doych offers enlightening perspectives on peak performance, wellness, and longevity.


What Sets Doych Apart?

Unique Interdisciplinary Expertise: Doych transcends typical wellness dialogue by coupling specialized knowledge with actionable insights. 360-Degree Approach to Life: More than performance or wellness, Doych focuses on a life enriched in every aspect—mentally, physically, and emotionally. Tailored Experience: Each speaking engagement is an immersive experience designed to meet the unique needs of your audience. Global Insight: Fluent in English and Bulgarian, Doych offers a nuanced, international lens to human performance and well-being.

Why Choose Doych?

Magnetic Delivery: Prepare for an engaging, interactive experience that captures and holds your audience’s attention. Evidence-Based Wisdom: Every piece of advice or strategy is rooted in science, assuring effective and reliable takeaways. Catalyst for Change: Doych’s sessions are more than informative—they are transformative, sparking meaningful changes in your life. Exclusive Tools and Resources: Get hands-on access to resources and tools for immediate and effective implementation. Take your event to the next level with Doych, the luminary in the realms of human potential and holistic well-being.

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Signature Topics

Unlocking Peak Performance

Elevate your personal and professional life through tested performance coaching methods.

Blueprint for Longevity

Discover practical and scientifically-proven strategies for a longer, more fulfilling life.

Genetic Profiling for Optimal Wellness

Benefit from the avant-garde science of DNA-based optimization for personalized health.

Harmony in Living

An integrated perspective on wellness, incorporating physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Culture of Excellence

Effective techniques to build a performance-centric and wellness-oriented organizational culture

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